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Love letter to my inner self

Today is celebratory day, you are lucky enough to see another sunrise, lucky enough to add another year to your life, lucky enough to see yourself transform into the person you always were deep down but were afraid to show to the world.

The journey up to this point was not always easy. You faltered, stumbled and even hit rock bottom at times but you were always able to pick yourself up and rise again. You were not always the kindest to yourself, blaming and berating yourself for anything and everything that went wrong in and around you. I’m happy to see that it’s something you do less and less nowadays.

Maybe the most painful thing you did to yourself, was to believe that you, as you are, were not enough nor worthy of love. You were forever grateful for the people in your life, neglecting to see that they were equally lucky to have you in theirs. Because you didn’t believe you were as worthy as anyone else to walk on this earth with confidence, you muffled your voice and dimmed your light for so long.

Because today is such a special day for you, I want to tell you these magical words: I love you. You are not perfect, and shouldn’t aim to be. Our imperfections are what make us human and unique. You are beautiful inside and out. Even when you are wrong, angry or sad, your voice matters. The journey has been hard at times, but you can be proud of who and where you are today!

You will probably stumble and falter again, you will even fall but just like you’ve been doing so far: never give up. Pick yourself up and keep going forward. Above all never forget that from deep within, I love you.

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