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My Toronto for you

As I mentioned in the “On our way to Niagara Falls” post, my cousin came to spend a few days with me back in July 2019.

After our day trip to Niagara Falls I decided to give her a little taste of Toronto proper. Since it was a Sunday we started the day with a brunch and headed to The distillery district for that.

This place definitely has a spot on my top 10 places in Toronto list, if I had one. Red bricks cobbled streets, plenty of cool shops and restaurants, and a lot of things happening there year long. We went to Cluny, a French bistro which also has a little boulangerie on the side where you can get croissants and pains au chocolat almost the same as home.

After brunch we took a walk around the sector and started heading towards other areas of interest I had picked.

Love sign at the Distillery District

We passed by St Lawrence Market, but because it was Sunday, we could not get inside, as it’s closed on that day. Next came the flat iron building, Berczy Park, and Nathan Phillip Square. We took a breather there for a little while before heading towards the next stop: Graffiti Alley. The place boasts really cool pieces of art, the most iconic probably this one.

The cousin and I playing models at Graffiti Alley

We stayed in Graffity Alley long enough for a fun photoshoot session before making it to Harbourfront to catch the ferry to Central Island. You could totally spend a full day on the Island but we only went there long enough for a little walk and some pictures.

Toronto Skyline from Toronto Island

We had to cut our visit short because we wanted to go out dancing and the line for the ferry back was quite long. Fortunately it turned out to be shorter than expected and we made it back to the mainland around 9 pm.

Although I’ve been here for almost 3 years, I still don’t know much about Toronto’s nightlife. This means that I had no idea how to pick the right place for our night out and had to rely mostly on friends’ suggestions. I ended up deciding on “Socialite”, a little club in Kensington Market. The night wasn’t a total bust, but I guess we are both used to something different when it comes to clubbing so we had fun but it could have been better.

On Monday, which was Canada day, we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village. I was curious about the place and took advantage of the fact that entrance is free on Canada day. I will probably go again and take the time to properly learn about life in 1867. There were lots of activities and shows, especially for children, but I didn’t learn much about the place.

After spending all morning at Black Creek, we then headed toward the piece de resistance of the day: fireworks. For that one too, picking the right spot was tricky. Ashbridge bay is probably the most famous spot in Toronto for fireworks but I was afraid of the crowd and wanted something nice but with fewer humans. That’s why I settled on Amesbury Park. Since we got there early, we had a bit of a picnic while waiting for night to fall.

Sunset at Amesbury Park

I don’t know how the show compares to other places but we enjoyed our evening.

I had to be back to work on Tuesday, so I left my cousin to do her own things during the day and tried to show her more of the city once I left the office. I took her to the Hockey Hall of fame, Brookfield place, and back to Nathan Philips Square. After dark this time, because it just doesn’t feel the same at night. (pic)

Nathan Philip Square fountain by Night

For our last evening together I took her to dinner at Trattoria Nervosa, an Italian restaurant in Yorkville. We went for a walk around the neighborhood after, before heading to Riverdale park to watch the sunset.

Sunset at Riverdale Park

Given that I’m not a Toronto native not sure that this itinerary is very representative of what the city has to offer, but those are definitely some of my favorite spots.

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