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As you may have guessed from the name, this blog main theme is travelling. The putting your hiking boots on and going on an adventure be it in your backyard or across the world, kind of travel. Because I believe that life in itself is a journey you will also find here things related to that inner journey of mine. Basically, do yourself a favour and don’t try to categorize this!

Born and raised in Paris France from Congolese parents, I lived in New-Zealand for a year before deciding to base myself in Toronto, Canada.

At 22, I went through a pretty rough patch and decided to drop everything and go to Scotland on a whim. It was my first time ever travelling alone and going to a country with a language I could barely speak!

This first experience gave me a little taste of what it felt like to roam around the world on your own. Although at the time I didn’t do much while I was there. Fast forward 7 years later, a different event made me realize that I could no longer not live my life because I was afraid of what may be. So once again I dropped everything and decided to move to the other side of the world: New-Zealand. The first step towards this blog was actually born there, as was my passion for picture taking.

After countless back and forth between me, myself and I, The Travelling Gazelle came to be. The idea here is to share with you my travel adventures, pictures and thoughts about things. Help you escape and take you on an adventure for a few minutes if you so wish.

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