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My Toronto for you

As I mentioned in the “On our way to Niagara Falls” post, my cousin came to spend a few days with me back in July 2019. After our day trip to Niagara Falls I decided to give her a little taste of Toronto proper. Since it was a Sunday we started the day with a... Continue Reading →

A viral Birthday trip

As I have mentioned before, I have a personal tradition that I really like: going on a trip every year for my birthday. Since I’ve been in Canada I haven’t really been able to stick to it, mainly because of work. My first job didn’t really allow me to take leave, for my second birthday... Continue Reading →

On our way to Niagara Falls

My cousin came to visit this summer around Canada day. Since I had to take her around my new city, I thought it would be a good idea to share the itinerary I came up with. Will probably stick to most of it from now on and amend according to time and/or people's preferences. I... Continue Reading →

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