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Trinidad – El Cubano National Park

After 1,5 day spent in Cienfuegos, I took a taxi collectivo heading to Trinidad. Javier, a guy I met upon my arrival in Cienfuegos is the one who handled my transportation and even my stay in Trinidad.

After almost 2 hours I got to Trinidad, in the early afternoon, where Yolanda the owner of my casa was waiting for me. I spent 3,5 days in Trinidad and this is probably the place I liked the most during that trip. I think the first main reason is the place in itself and second of all, as usual with me, because of the people I met. I felt like I was spending time with my grandmother when I was with Yolanda, and enjoyed a lot our conversations despite my dusty Spanish and the Cuban accent which was challenging at times.

Getting back to the city, I spent my first few hours just walking around to get better acquainted with it. My first stop was the wifi spot and once I had let everyone know that I was still well and alive, I got my exploring going for real. I fell in love with the city pretty much at first sight.

The paved streets of the historical centre and the colored houses scattered all throughout the city just got to me. The city is not as straight forward to navigate as Cienfuegos but after a few hours I barely needed my “” app to move around. After a few hours I went back to my casa for an early  night.

For my first full day I decided to follow Yolanda’s recommendation and went for a horseback tour of the nearby national park, “El Cubano National Park”. I was part of a group made up of 6 other people, all of them Spanish-speaking.I was a little apprehensive about the horses, since the last time I got on one I was 11 and I remember the whole getting on and off the horse being a bit of an ordeal. Turns out I was scared for nothing, the whole thing went smoother than I could have imagined.

We made various stop along the way but the main point of the tour was to get to a waterfall. I was a little disappointed by the place because of all the people there, which made it a little harder to really enjoy the beauty of of it.

The dip was very refreshing though.
After about an hour of waddling in the water we made our way back to “downtown” Trinidad and I went for another random wandering walk around.

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