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On our way to Niagara Falls

My cousin came to visit this summer around Canada day. Since I had to take her around my new city, I thought it would be a good idea to share the itinerary I came up with. Will probably stick to most of it from now on and amend according to time and/or people’s preferences.

I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t really know what kind of things she was into. If you ask me, take me somewhere in nature and I’ll be happy, but I assumed that no one comes to Toronto to only spend their time outdoors and not experience city life so I came up with a mix of both.

Our first venture the day after her arrival, was Niagara Falls. I don’t own a car and can’t currently drive in Ontario or all of Canada… so instead of renting one, I opted for a tour. I booked through Travelling Chicken, a full day tour with the final stop being Niagara Falls. We were supposed to leave from the pick up point at 8 am but because the tour was happening the Saturday before Canada Day, the organizers decided for a later departure so that we could enjoy fireworks at the falls. This wasn’t clear when I made my booking, or maybe I didn’t really pay attention. Needless to say that we got really confused when we received a reminder before heading to bed giving us a pick up time slightly different than what we thought it was supposed to be. We decided to stick to the original time, just in case, it was better to be early rather than late and miss the bus.

Next morning after waking up at an ungodly hour, I tried calling the organizers to figure when we were actually supposed to leave. They ended up confirming that the time given in the reminder email was correct and we weren’t leaving until noon. We were already awake so I decided that we were going to walk from my place to Dufferin mall where the pick up point was. We stopped for breakfast 1st at a little cafe in Forest Hill Village.

We then headed towards Casa Loma. Because this was a little bit of an impromptu thing, we didn’t have time to go in but still managed a few minutes around to take some pictures. My cousin ended up going back on her own and she was able to see inside, it’s worth it. I guess I should eventually manage to do the same one of these days.

Casa Loma

After Casa Loma we made it to Dufferin mall and then were on our way to Niagara Falls. Our first stop on this trip was Balls Falls. We only spent an hour or so there but I think it was still enough to get a quick feel of the place. 

Balls Falls Conservation area

Our second stop was a winery for a little bit of wine tasting. I personally don’t really drink much but it was still interesting to do especially for the knowledge you can pick up. Not gonna lie, I already forgot how to drink wine the proper way but I still remember that each grape used for ice wine contains only 1 drop of juice.

Third stop was a for a quick maple tasting before hitting the road again heading towards Niagara on the lake. We spent about an hour there. Because we decided to stop at cows for a little bit of Ice cream, my cousin and I barely saw anything of the place. Will probably dedicate a full day to the place or at least half a day next time.

Once all was said and done in Niagara on the Lake we headed towards the cherry on top of this day: Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls

We spent a little while around the falls then in the strip area and back to the Falls again for the fireworks and finished this first day of roaming on a high note!

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